Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 Before I'm 30

I've seen one of my friends blogging about this, and I've been inspired (thanks Michelle G!).  The general idea is to make a list of 30 things you'd like to accomplish before turning thirty.  So, I thought I'd give it a try and see what happens.  I'm actually only 28 now, but I figure I'm such a procrastinator that I should "start" now.  I've been keeping a running list on my phone for basically this entire month and finally figured out my 30th thing last night, so, I thought I should go on and post it now and attempt to get started (keep me accountable, y'all)!  Keep in mind as you read the list that some of these things aren't so much going to be accomplishments as they will be habits I'd like to establish in my life.  So, here it is, my 30 before I'm 30 list:

1.  Have a baby (this should surprise no one)
2.  Move to a house OR be actively looking for a house
3.  Pay off 2 credit cards
4.  Lose weight (no real plan on how to accomplish this one yet, but I'll figure it out, and yes, I do have a number in mind)
5.  Visit someplace new
6.  Finish our wedding scrapbook (as my friend Michelle G would say, Don't Judge!)
7.  Finish our honeymoon scrapbook (again, Don't Judge!)
8.  Travel to a new country
9.  Andrew (he should be on this list, and I can't have a baby without him!)
10. Frame my TX certification
11. Tithe regularly
12. Drink 8 glasses of water a day (sure hope my bladder can handle this one . . . I think I've been dehydrated for most of my life)
13. Learn to sew
14. Accumulate some savings - preferably $1000+
15. Read at least one new book a month (love reading, so this shouldn't be too hard...)
16. Organize my life!  (I know this is broad, but it needs to be done just the same)
17. Do a light clean once a week
18. Do a deep clean once a month
19. Cook a four course meal
20. Have friends over for dinner once a month
21. Cut my Dr. Pepper consumption by half (gasp!)
22. Do 1 outdoor activity a day in the Spring, Summer, and Fall (sorry Winter, but you're just too cold)
23. Organize my craft supplies
24. Clean out my clothes and get rid of ones that don't fit/haven't been worn in over a year
25. Go through college papers, etc. and toss or organize
26. Do 100 sit ups/crunches a day
27. Make a budget and stick to it (the sticking to it will be the hard part)
28. Resolve my gallbladder issues
29. Start running (ugh)
30. Have a t-shirt quilt made out of my Baylor tees

Well . . . there it is . . . 30 before 30.  I'd like to think I can actually accomplish all of these things in one year and 6.5 months, but we'll see.  I tried to only put "doable" things on my list (I know my limits!) and I'd say the one I'm most concerned about is starting to run.  I truly wish I liked running, but I absolutely hate it.  Inside, outside, it doesn't matter.  I'm not a fan.  But, neither have I given it a real chance.  So, I figure before I'm thirty I should at least give it a chance.  I actually told my brother this last summer that I hate running so much, I would only run if I was being chased, then I thought about it and said, "no, not even then . . . I'd probably just let the person catch me!"  so I think out of everything on my list that will be the most challenging habit to start.  We'll see.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  Wish me luck! =)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Brrrrrr!  It is cold outside and it's been snowing since about 10:00 last night (it is now 11:15am).  There is so much snow outside . . . never really thought this Texas girl would be snowed in or caught in a blizzard, but here we are.  When I open the blinds to look out the windows now, the bottom third of the window is covered with snow.  So, since I am "snowed in" today, I think it will be a good day to watch movies and perhaps take out the wedding scrapbook that I have yet to complete and work on it.  Kinda wishing we had a fireplace today . . . it would be nice.  Unfortunately, Andrew is planning on going to work today (apparently he has something to do that'll take 8 hours and HAS to be done today) but I'm not sure that's gonna happen.  Certainly not before the snow has stopped or the parking lot has been plowed.  Anyway, here are some photos of the blizzard!

out of our bedroom window

tree outside our bedroom window

bikes on our patio

looking out to the parking lot from our patio - my car is in the middle, Andrew's car is on the right

Tanner looking at the snow out of our patio door

bush covered in snow

from our patio

hurrying to get back inside - snow is too cold!!

puppy paw prints

sweet Tanner's pawprints

wind chime covered in snow

tree with snow on the branches

on our patio

utility door on our patio - to give you some perspective of the depth of the snow

outside our bedroom window

outside our bedroom window

tree outside of our bedroom window

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Yesterday afternoon it started snowing . . . and snowing  . . . and snowing until finally around 9:00 or so it stopped.  It was coming down pretty heavily (as you can see) for most of that time.  Now, most of you know that I adamantly do NOT like snow - at least not the snow you get up here.  Texas snow I'm fine with...the kind of snow that goes away.  I don't like the snow that sticks around forever! But, I will say that for the first day or so, it is quite beautiful.  So, I (of course) took lots of pictures.  They vary in time to when the snow first started, to a few hours into it, to last night after it had stopped, to this morning and what the world looks like covered in snow during the day.  I think one of the things I'll miss when our time in Connecticut is up will be the look of everything covered in snow right after a big snowstorm like the one we had last night.  Gorgeous!  Enjoy the photos, and remember Texas folk, while you may be jealous now, I have to look at this snow for probably about 2 more months before it starts (yes, I said starts) to melt! ;o)

while it was still snowing

still snowing . . .

snowing . . .

snowing . . .

snowing . . .

snowing . . . this was towards the beginning of the snow - some of this snow was already there from over Christmas break

snowing . . .

I love the look of snow covered branches.  so pretty

outside our patio

outside our patio

look at all of that snow!  my car is the one in the was there for the whole snowstorm!


this morning around the complex

this morning around the complex

this morning around the complex

this morning around the complex

this morning around the complex

this morning around the complex


snow covered tree

snow covered berries
so pretty - winter at its finest!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New York City Christmas Decorations

wreath on the MetLife building
When we went down to the City for NYE, we enjoyed getting to see all of the Christmas decorations that were up.  NYC is beautiful at Christmas.  Enjoy the photos!


tree inside MetLife building

Rockefeller Tree