Friday, October 29, 2010

South Korea

Andrew traveled to Seoul, South Korea at the beginning of October for work.  While he was only there for a few days, he really enjoyed the opportunity and took lots of pictures.  Here are the sites he saw:

Seoul Tower at night

one of the ancient palaces in Seoul

looking at the Seoul gate from inside the palace courtyard

the Imperial Guard in traditional dress

entrance to Inner Courtyards

where the King had his office

architecture of the palace

King's main throne

ceiling in the palace

King's secondary office throne

King's living quarters

building for formal entertainment

Korean traditional dress

Seoul gate from outside

Seoul gate from outside

statue of the King that invented the Korean language

the King also invented a planetary tracker

King also invented a sundial ad calendar

famous Korean admiral

the admiral developed the first iron warship in the late 1500's

view from mountain where tower is located

360 degree view from Seoul Tower

360 degree view from Seoul Tower at night