Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Been Awhile . . . 30 Before 30 Progress

Oh. my. goodness!  It sure has been a long time.  I think my last post was around the middle of March and now we're already to the end of April!  Where did the time go!?!?!?  Well, I'm here now, so this is the progress I've made so far on my 30 before 30 list:

3.  Pay off 2 credit cards - as previously stated, 2 are paid off.  I have now added the word "more" so now we are working to pay off 2 more cards.  We are taking a Dave Ramsey approach to this and attempting to "snowball" them.  We were actually doing this prior to moving up here to CT, but then when our income was cut by more than half, that obviously stopped.  Happy to announce that we are somewhat back on track with that and definitely making progress.  We paid off my mastercard and Victoria Secret card.  Now we are working on Andrew's Hawaiian Visa (I think . . . we have so many . . . ugh!).

4.  Lose weight - I joined Weight Watchers in the middle of February and made good progress.  Then my surgery kind of threw that off . . . I lost a lot because I wasn't eating, and, of course, gained it back when I started eating again.  I had several weeks there where my numbers were going the wrong way (as in "up"), but this last week at my weigh-in I had lost 1 pound.  Not much, but certainly counts!  Plus, I'm not really sure how it happened, because there is Easter candy in my apartment and I am eating it!! =) 

5.  Visit someplace new - not yet, but we are going to Maine in September for a wedding.

15. Read at least one new book a month (love reading, so this shouldn't be too hard...) - I read Karen Kingsbury's Shades of Blue and am now reading Mini Shopaholic.

16. Organize my life!  (I know this is broad, but it needs to be done just the same) - So this one is being done in many stages.  I started with our shoes/closet, then did my purses, and now I have done our medicine cabinet.  It needed to be done, seeing as how half of our pill/vitamin bottles were on the counter below the cabinet.  I am proud to say that I tossed the expired medication and re-organized this tiny space and now you can see AND get to everything in there!  Yay!

20. Have friends over for dinner once a month - April was a bust.  We had plans to have people over, but they had to cancel due to craziness at school (darn PhD programs!), but we have rescheduled for May when all of the craziness is done.  Can't wait!

21. Cut my Dr. Pepper consumption by half (gasp!) - I think it is actually more than half!  I was drinking one a day (mmmmmmmmmm) but now I don't buy it or keep it in the apartment, so I drink water unless we go out.  Then, I definitely get a Dr. Pepper, although they are harder to come by up here.  Crazy New Englanders don't know what they're missing!

22. Do 1 outdoor activity a day in the Spring, Summer, and Fall (sorry Winter, but you're just too cold) - I've actually been doing a good job on this one.  I started a few weeks ago on what I think was the first nice day we had.  Andrew and I went on a walk.  I've walked the puppy.  I sat by a bonfire and watched friends play beanbags.  I've done a few other things outside, but I honestly can't remember them now.  It's kinda hard keeping up with specifics for 4 weeks worth of stuff in your head.  I missed a few days due to rain, but otherwise I've been doing a decent job.

26. Do 100 sit ups/crunches a day - This one was on hold for several weeks after my surgery.  But, about 4-5 weeks after, I was able to get started back into this.  I forgot the Monday after Easter.  Otherwise, I've done them every day.